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Hi! I did already this question …but ..answer was No 🙂 maybe something changed or u have a workaround suggestion.
I am now working on a web site http://www.alleghefunivie.com as u see, when u log, is redirecting to http://www.alleghefunivie.com/estate/it/home/ from server.
We are now installing the new version of the site in http://www.alleghefunivie.com main root so the new wordpress address (actually not active) is in http://www.alleleghefunivie.com/wp
issue is that, when I am using Microthemer in http://www.alleleghefunivie.com/wp is not working because load the old version of wordpress actually installed so http://www.alleghefunivie.com/estate/it/home/

How can I modify http://www.alleghefunivie.com/home ..or some other pages?
Hope is all clear with my poor english 🙂


Hey Micro,

Sorry for the slow reply, I was getting married and am now on my honeymoon (just sneaking in some work while Monika is doing some exercise).

Yes, you can change the URL via the View menu in the top right of the interface. Go to the ‘Change preview site URL’ option. Then enter the full new URL (http://www.alleghefunivie.com/home) and the click the green GO button. That should work. You may have to refresh the page though.

Please let me know if you’re still stuck.


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