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Hello, I am currently using the woo commerce storefront theme. In this theme the search products image is located on top of the shopping cart icon display. Both items are situated at the top right corner of the page – standard for this theme. I would like to position the search product image a few pixels to the left and then move the the shopping cart display icon up, this way both the search products image and the shopping cart display are side by side instead of one on top of the other. I figured this would prove to be a relatively easy task with Microthemer however all my attempts so far with the Microthemer’s Position function have proved futile. I cannot even get neither image to budge. I do not understand why something so simple is so difficult to do.



Would you mind sending me a link to the page you’re working on so I can advise you further?

The CSS position property is tricky for beginners. I’ve written a short summary about the rules of position. But when making layout changes, it’s actually often best to use the flexbox or grid properties to line things up.

  1. Learn about using flexbox with Microthemer
  2. Try the CSS grid demo (with links to video tutorials)


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