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Good day product plugin author Microthemer. Hasten to inform you about a number of problems encountered at work. 1) Unable to save individual settings in the various screens that when you change the position of elements on one display to another, this position varies tozhe! This happens with the size, position, background. Can I somehow fix these errors?


Hey Irop,

It’s hard to advise you on this one in general terms. Can you be more specific about which element you have styled on one tab, and how this changes on a different tab?

From the access you previously provided, I see that you have experimented with lots of media query tabs. Some use max-width (which affect all screens sizes up to the max-width value), while others use min-width (which affect all screens sizes beyond the min-width value). So when you add styles to a tab, it will affect other screen sizes. Not just the one fixed size that you currently see when working on a tab. The dark shading of the rulers visually shows the extra scope of a media query.

You often want the media query to affect more than one screen size. But other times you only want it to affect a narrow range of screen sizes. In this instance, you can specify both a min-width and a max-width in the media query. E.g:

@media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px)

You may find our responsive tutorial a useful learning resource.


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