Product License does not work with the latest beta version.

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Hi Sebastian,

I’m have a lifetime unlimited sites license, but my paypal’s email address does not activate the latest beta software we received in your email today to test the upcoming features. I can still activate V5.2.5.8, so was this expected, or their is some bug in the activation process.



Hey Nick,

Thanks for alerting me to this, and for trying the beta 🙂

Yes it was a bug. The beta version is ahead of the release version. Doh!

I’ve just fixed this so you should be able to unlock now.



Thanks Sebastian,

I guess your are the proof that even geniuses like you make mistakes…, once every 20 years or so !!!

P.S. BTW, many who don’t know CSS use Microthemer to style their sites, and those who do, use it for faster dev. times. Initially (in 2011) I used Microthemer as a CSS learning tool, especially when media queries were new – just for your marketing dept. – Microthemer is an excellent tool to learn CSS…

Thanks again,


Ha! If my mistakes were made at 20 year intervals I would live a very long life.

It’s really great to hear that Microthemer helped you learn CSS. It is one of our main goals with Microthemer. and you’re right, perhaps we should emphasise that a bit more on the site 🙂

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