Purchased Microthemer yesterday, where do I get the download?

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In My Downloads, it still says “You haven’t purchased any products.”…I purchased directly from this site – how do I actually get the product?
Jacob Perl


Hi, Jacob,

On the FAQ page: https://themeover.com/support/frequently-asked-questions/

“How do I link my membership account to my purchases?

Prior to 2015, customers were not required to create a membership account before completing their checkout. If you used the same PayPal email address when registering for a membership account, your purchases will have been automatically linked to your membership account. However, if you used a different email address when registering for a membership account, you will need to link your purchases manually. When you log into the “My Downloads” page you will see a prompt to enter your PayPal email address to link your purchases.”

Does any of that apply? Otherwise you can download from WordPress:

When you unlock it will be the full version instead of lite.


I didn’t use a PayPal account to purchase – I selected the option to pay with a credit card without logging into PayPal. However I did use the same email address for that transaction as my Themeover membership email. Unlocking the plugin with that email does not seem to work though.


I know Sebastian monitors the forum regularly but maybe shoot him the form request, too:

If there’s a glitch in the process he gets those ironed out pretty quick.


Ah sorry…thought you were support staff. I did use the contact form earlier today but have not received a response yet. Anyway thanks for trying!


Lol – not support – just a fan 🙂
I like getting involved with the forums though because I can pick up a lot more experience than just working client sites.

Sebastian is on the other side of the planet and it’s close to calling it a day here, so you’re probably going to hear back quite soon.


Nope, Abland isn’t support. He’s a living legend.

I’m sorry for the hassle. I received your order but you’re the first person ever to use PayPal’s credit card method for purchasing Microthemer. And it seems that themeover.com isn’t getting automatically notified when the order comes via this method. I’m working on a fix now and have emailed you with instructions on how to get up and running in the meantime.



Thanks, Sebastian! Your instructions worked as promised and I’m all sorted now. Looking forward to using this tool. Hope you get it all worked out with the payment system. Abland, thanks once again for stepping in.


Glad to hear it Jacob, it was fortunate that you mentioned your Payment method to Abland 🙂

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