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Hi, I’m trying to set a radial gradient on a row in Beaver Builder using Microthemer. It looks like Microthemer doesn’t support radial gradients using the UI, so I thought I would use the Code<> text box in Microthemer to manually add the rule:

background-image: radial-gradient(at center center, #0082ba 0%, #005c93 100%);

When I try this though, it keeps trying to change the text inside the parentheses to a url. And sometimes, it freezes my browser window and I need to refresh the page.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!



Thanks for bringing this to my attention. And apologies for the hassle. I’ve just released version, which fixes the radial gradient issue. You can now use the code editor without MT trying to treat it as a property that can be supported via the GUI.

I wasn’t able to replicate your browser freezing issue though. Perhaps it does relate to the radial gradient issue which has been fixed. But if it crops up again ,please let me know. Monika and I are travelling to Poland all day today but I will be available again tomorrow.



Hi Sebastian, I just downloaded the new version and it works perfectly. Thank you so much for the great tool and the even better support. Much appreciated!

I have not seen the lockup problem in this new release, so it was likely related to the processing of the radial gradient.



You’re welcome Rob. Happy to help!

Have a great weekend.


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