ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded (line 0) Microthemer discovered a JavaScript

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I’ve been using Microthemer on a website I’m developing for several weeks with no issue (really love this plugin, by the way). Yesterday, however, I suddenly began receiving the following error message on all pages when attempting to activate Microthemer:

“ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded (line 0)
Microthemer discovered a JavaScript error on your site:

Error: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded
URL: / (line 0)
Source: Frontend preview”

I tried searching your forum but haven’t found reference to this error, so I’m here asking for your help! In case it matters, I’m using the theme Divi by Elegant Themes.

Thanks very much,

EDIT: I use Chrome as my default browser, and I nearly always work within WordPress and Microthemer within Chrome. Up until yesterday I this error has not shown up in Chrome. However, I have just discovered that the error does not appear when I load Microthemer within Firefox.



Microthemer doesn’t apply any ResizeObserver events, so the issue may be due to a plugin conflict. Did you install any other plugins recently?

If you would like me to troubleshoot this for you please could you send access details for the affected site via our secure contact form?


P.S. great to hear you’re enjoying Microthemer, I’m sure we can get you up and running again 🙂

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