Responsive issue – page suddenly set too large

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My website was looking fine and when I checked things seemed to be fine on mobile. Now all of a sudden none of my pages fit on the mobile screen properly (iPhone 6plus). The viewport is set and I’ve removed as much css as I dare without losing the site integrity. I’d prefer to provide site info directly and not post it online.
I use Beaver Builder and everything is up to date. I’m sure it’s a css change I’ve made, but I cannot find the issue. Been working on it all afternoon. Please help.


Thanks for emailing me login details for your site. I found the causal style rule by implementing the debug method described here: (and you can see my actions if you view the Microthemer history).

Your relative position on the Homepage-SixtyPercent-Guests selector was causing some issues. You could set position to static on smaller screens to resolve this. Or you could set left padding instead of using position. For now, I’ve just disabled that property group. You can undisable it by hovering over the ‘POSITION’ label and clicking the disable icon again.


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