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Hi all! So far loving this as a tool to redesign websites. However, I am having some real difficulty working with the responsive options. #1 – They don’t seem to be taking at all and #2 – There is almost no real support for this anywhere. I can’t find any good tutorials or even anything here on the forum and I’ve search every keyword to do with responsiveness I could think of.

Am I the only one having trouble with this? I want to continue using this tool but my stress level is through the rough right now, so I can’t help but wonder how worth it it really is. Should I just go back to hand-coding these media queries? 🙁

PLease – any input would be much appreciated!


OK I figured out #1 I just needed to check the box about the view ports. But this only puts emphasis on #2 as I had to dig through google to figure it out. I still think this is a fabulous product, but I just know there are hidden gems within it that us non-coders will never know until you share with us. Thanks 😉


Hi there,

You’re completely right about the lack of tutorials for the responsive features. Another user requested a tutorial on this, which I started writing a draft for, but then put it on hold because we realised that the responsive tabs need to be improved before documenting the soon-to-be old system. This decision was also based on feedback from multiple users. As the new system will be a change, as opposed to a new enhancement, we’re going to send out a visual mockup to our mailing list subscribers to get feedback and address and potential reservations in advance.

Of course this doesn’t help you with your current problem of documentation for the responsive tabs. The best I can do for now is answer any questions you may have about using the responsive features.

I will also explain what we think is wrong with the current system in terms of usability in case it relates to the issues you’ve encountered.

  1. I initially thought is was best to tuck away the responsive features so that they wouldn’t get in the way of novice users. Advanced users could add them in on a per-style-group basis via the ‘Manage tabs’ icon when they needed them. This decision was also influenced by the need to keep the number of form input fields down for performance reasons.
  2. But today, most WordPress themes are responsive and beginners also need to learn how to use the responsive features. The user-centred approach should not let technical considerations dictate the interface. The performance considerations can be solved using a different approach once we accept that the interface must be a certain way in order to be intuitive.
  3. So we’re going to propose a new system. The media query tabs and screen width slider will always be visible, there will be no adding or removing them for individual style groups and selectors. And when you are editing the phone tab for instance, Microthemer will stay on the phone tab when switching between style groups (e.g. font, padding, gradient) and between different selectors.

As I said, I’m happy to answer any specific questions you have about applying styles responsively. I know that isn’t ideal.

Warm regards,


Amen to point 3 ! Can’t wait 🙂


Hello all,

With the latest Google announcement about sites needing to be mobile friendly in order to be included in their mobi search results, I find myself tasked with editing 10+ WordPress sites (older, custom, not responsive). I am looking to MicroThemer to do this job for me, but as with the previous poster, am not finding any documentation to help me achieve this goal.

I’ve never used MicroThemer but have heard rave reviews and this latest Google announcement pushed me to do my first install.

Is there anyway to get 1×1 support (paid if necessary) to kick start this learning process on how to make an existing WP site mobi friendly/responsive? Trying to assess how labor intensive this is.



Hi @Kelley

Well, if you don’t mind a french accent, maybe I can provide you with a coaching session through Google Hangouts.
I do it professionally for wordpress, I guess I can do it for Micro Themer 🙂

Contact me if you are interested ->


Great of you to offer batsteek!

Kelly, I’m half way through writing an introductory tutorial to designing responsively with Microthemer. I’ll write back here when it’s ready.



Following this post. This was the main reason i bought this plugin! Excited at the possibilities!


Great! I’m a bit further with the responsive tutorial now. I given up trying to make it brief. But I should have it ready in about a week or two…


Hey Sebastian , thanks for doing this for us. Any progress?


I am interested in too. Thanks for your work in advance.


Noted. Sorry for the delay. This tutorial is not going to be forgotten. I just want to make sure it’s genuinely useful and explanatory.


A comprehensive tutorial series is available for responsive design now. Enjoy!

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