Rookie, making first steps [how to make background gradient?]

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I am new in Microthemer, but must say I feel it is a tool that will help me a lot in future.
While making first steps, I have little problem: how can I make a gradient that will be just two colors to fill screen or some area on screen, say 50% red and 50% blue (nevermind color combination 😀 ) from top to bottom, or in any other direction ?
I tried, but got bit confused as I must set middle color, and did not get proper combination ?
Thank you in advance.


Hey there,

You don’t have to set gradient B color or the position for gradient B. Just set gradient A and C colors. That will result in a 50/50 two tone gradient. Top (A) to bottom (B) is the default angle for the gradient. But you can change that using the gradient angle dropdown menu.

If you’re still struggling, feel free to send over login details for your site via this secure contact form and I will demonstrate by editing your Microthemer interface.


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