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I’d really love draft/autosave to be replaced with a sandbox mode (and autosave or an autosave in the backend but save button).

It’s almost like how it works now, but with a different UI.

Save draft (viewable when logged in) vs publish changes (pushes them to the public)

Oxygen’s hydro plugin is putting that into Oxygen soon and the ability to do it side by side with MT would be great. Right now, I often find myself, forgetting to hit draft, or draft being on and it all being a bit weird. It’s far from the usual workflow of any other plugin I’ve used and can be quite frustrating at times.

Hope this all makes sense 🙂


Hey Dean,

Someone else requested this on Facebook recently. I think it’s what you’re asking for too – a system that matches what page builders like Element have – where changes are draft by default, with a big publish button that shows when new draft changes are made. Auto-save would still happen, but changes would not show to site visitors until the publish button is pressed.

I’m happy to do this. I will do it alongside some other UI changes when I add support for instant targeting.

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