Saving just the media queries [export to new project versus recreate]

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I added some media queries in the Edit Media Queries window and I wonder if it is possible to save them for using on an other project.

Kind regards,


Hey Petran,

The simplest way to do this, if you only want to port your media queries over, is to use the new CSS import feature.

just import media queries

Install Microthemer on your new project and then:

  1. Go to Packs > Import
  2. Click the CSS Stylesheet tab.
  3. Copy and paste all of the generated CSS Microthemer produced for your previous project (see this option in the view menu) into the editor. Or provide the URL to active-styles.css and then click the LOAD STYLESHEET button. Note, only media queries that have style associated with them will be present in the generated CSS.
  4. Scroll down to the stylesheet import options. Set everything to ‘No‘ apart from media queries.
  5. Click the IMPORT button, or the REVIEW BEFORE IMPORTING button to check if MT has picked up all of your media queries.
  6. Once you import the media queries, they will show up in the interface with an (imp) suffix, which you can optionally remove.
  7. That’s it!

Please let me know if you run into any trouble.


Thanks for your quick response. I think my question needs some explanation. I meant these preferences:

Is there a way to port these to an other project?



Hey Petran,

The method I suggested would import those media queries, but not the custom labels you added. However, there is an alternative method that will (besides manually copying and pasting them to the new project). Although see my note at the bottom.

  1. On the current project, go to Packs > Export. You can export all of your style settings, including media queries.
  2. Go to the Manage packs page and then download the design pack you exported (this will be a zip file).
  3. Go to the manage packs dialog on the new project
  4. Install the zip file
  5. Click the import icon on the newly installed pack
  6. Import your design pack (using the merge option if you have already applied styles on the new project)
  7. This should import your media queries, including the labels. It will also import folders and selectors, which you might not want. In which case, open the selectors menu and delete all of the imported folders.

It possible Microthemer won’t import media queries that haven’t been used to apply styles. I can’t remember off the top of my head. In the near future, I will add an option to import/export all MT preferences. But for now, you may have to resort to copy and paste if the above solution isn’t foolproof.

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