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im sure im missing something simple. I make the changes in microthemer but i cant find a save changes button and when i exit back to my site the the changes are gone.



Setting are automatically saved. That’s why there’s no save button. If you’re not seeing your changes outside of Microthemer, it could be because you having caching enabled, which needs to be cleared (either a plugin or sever-level caching like Cloudflare).

Can I just check you haven’t enabled ‘Draft mode’? In draft mode, changes you make in Microthemer are not visible to regular site visitors.



I am having the same issue, only I don’t see the changes anywhere, not even IN microthemer.

I do see a little blue dot where I did make changes, at the tabs for view and at the background color change, but it’s not taking effect anywhere.

Tried clearing cache and other browsers and devices, the change is not taking effect anywhere.

I am using Chilly theme. Latest version of everything.


Hey, if the styles aren’t working in Microthemer, it’s possible a theme style is overriding your Microthemer style. Or you need to target a different element. Would you mind sending me a link to your site with a description of which style isn’t working?


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