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My selectors just disappeared and stopped generating CSS code. These were theme specific selectors. Does this happen if those CSS selectors are changed by the theme?


selectors missing



Sorry to hear this. That’s a serious bug. Possibly due to a JavaScript conflict with another plugin/theme.

Would you mind sending login details for your site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot?

And in the meantime, please don’t make any changes so I can see what led up to this in the history (and possibly restore).



P.S. changing the theme shouldn’t affect Microthemer in any way.


Hey Sebastian,

thanks for getting back quickly. 👍
Honestly, I had to re-create the changes due to a deadline yesterday and deleted the old selectors.
But I think, I found the problem. The selectors were targeting a section that was organised like that: Section, Row, 1/2 column, 1/2 column. I changed the section layout to 1/1 column and that may have confused the selectors since they were targeting the 1/2 column. That’s my best guess and could explain why they went blank.

If it would still help you to take a look anyway, I’ll send you some logins for the site.



Hi Adrian,

I completely understand. Sorry to hear you had to redo some work.

I would definitely like to take a look at your site if you can send me access details. The presence of the selectors in the MT interface shouldn’t be effected by any changes to the site. They can stop taking effect if the HTML used by the active theme changes, but they shouldn’t go blank like they did in your screenshot under any circumstances.

Oh and if it happens again and you don’t have time to wait for my reply, please could your export your settings before starting over? You can do this via the Packs > Export option. I can then install the broken settings on my testing server, which may give me enough info to diagnose the cause.


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