"Split" JavaScript error when creating a selector and lots of empty folders

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Due to a bug that was present between June 14th and June 18th 2021, some users have reported a lingering issue that resulted from using Microthemer between those dates.

The error message that pops up when trying to create a selector is:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

A tell tale sign of this problem is that Microthemer creates multiple empty folders with the same name and a number to the right (the number may be preceded by an underscore _, but it will NOT have brackets around it – when the number has brackets, it relates to the number of selectors in the folder).

It’s a bit tricky rolling out an automatic fix for this, as it relates to user generated data (folder names). But if you can provide temporary site access via our secure contact form I can fix this for you. Or, you can try the following to fix the issue yourself:

  1. Delete all of the empty folders with the same name and a number at the end. Empty folders do NOT have a blue dot or numbers inside brackets (only numbers without brackets).
  2. There is likely to be a folder with the same name as the ones you deleted, but with selectors inside (so it will have numbers inside brackets, and a blue dot if styles have been applied to any selector). Rename that folder to ‘[Original name] test‘. And then rename it back to ‘[Original name]’
  3. That should fix it

Apologies for the inconvenience people! I’m here if you need help.


P.S. if you delete anything you shouldn’t, use History > Restore revision to restore your settings.

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