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Howdy, awesome plugin, it’s saving me several hours a week in dev time. Love it.

I searched the forum but could not find any reference to this issue so I think it may be some that is germane to my particular brand of click happy foolishness but my Style properties toolbar is not displaying. I have deactivated and reactivated uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and cached out all my browsers FF, IE, Chrome, Safari and still no luck. Any ideas?


Hi, vaughanp,

If you create or select a section in the selector navigator, then select an option to edit in the css styling groups, the style properties toolbar should appear.

And I agree, awesome plugin 🙂


Again, thanks for chipping in Abland.

it’s possible that another plugin/theme setting might be conflicting with Microthemer if it’s not behaving in the same way that used to. If you can send me login details for your site via this secure contact form I’d be happy to troubleshoot for you:

Many thanks,


Abland, that didn’t work unfortunately. I had to restore the settings back as far as i could and that restored the toolbars.

Also it’s not just that the toolbars don’t display, but that what does display is unresponsive . It has happened again so Sebastian, I have sent you login details to troubleshoot. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Vaughan, I’ve responded to your email. I think you may have sent incorrect login details.



Hi Sebatian,

I have the same problem. I ve just bought this faboulus plugin, but I can not see the css tools. My web is

Thanks !


Hi Natalia,

Thanks for sending over login details. I logged into your site but I can see the style properties toolbar and it seems that you’ve made some edits. Did you manage to resolve this yourself in the time since you emailed me?

Many thanks,

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