Support request, cant get things to work! [RESOLVED]

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microthemer and 3.3.7
wordpress 4.1.1 MS with subdomains vps/mysql/nginx worked fine wp single install in a shared hosting environment
Ive moved to a vps, upgraded microthemer to 3.3.7.
Microthemer “seems” to work as i network activate it,
Can import a package can alter design with the selectors can not save or export any microtheme, i click the icon, nothing happens. no error messages, no micro-themes folder
the eye icon should show css in a pop up: the pop up is blank

tried a downgrade: uninstalled microthemer 3.3.7 installed can not have visual view anymore, can however export microtheme and download a zipped version.

As there is no micro-themes folder but after downgrade the 2.6 version did find what ive created with 3.3.7 possible that the uninstall left dbase tables??

the vps is set up without (performance degrading) controlpanels so i cant quickly inspect my db.

Any ideas on how to get this up and running??


My previous entry is not editable, why bother an edit button??
addition: all other plugins where disabled.


Hi, Gaetan,

How are you mapping the domains in your multisite? Is it subdomain or subdirectory, and are you using a domain mapping plugin?

I use this one:
and I use subdirectories though I also used subdomains in the past which also worked but I didn’t like them as much.

I’ve had some trial and error along the lines of what you seem to be experiencing so I might be able to help with some more details.


ah – I see you mentioned subdomain install. Is this a migrated multisite, having a blogs.dir folder? Check the permissions if your micro-themes folder is being created, or even the blogs directories, 1, 2, 3, etc..
If not, manually create the folder and see if everything functions properly. I’m just taking a shot here at possibles.


Hi there,

Not migrated, subdomains indeed, thnx! i just found out where the microthemes folders lives!
blogs.dir/id/microthemes! thank you!


Thanks for pitching in with a solution Abland!

Gaetan, I’ve responded to your email about the two outstanding issues you have with downloading design packs and viewing the CSS Microthemer generates.

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