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I’ve been using Microthemer for 7 years, by which I mean I figured out how to insert some images 7 years ago and haven’t touched it since. Updated Microthemer has different menus, and I no longer know how to change an object I have created back then.

I can see the old image source from my uploaded media in the source HTML. Surely if I could just type in the address of the uploaded new image, I’d be all set. Suggestions?



Welcome back! And sorry to hear about this issue. Would you mind providing temporary access details for the site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot this for you? You can use this handy plugin to provide temporary access easily. There may be some compatibility issues with legacy settings, but I should be able to fix that for you.


P.S. There is a video that explains the main changes between version 7 and previous versions. It’s possible to make the layout more familiar, by setting the layout preset to “S” via Settings > View.


P.P.S Microthemer can’t change HTML code, it’s just for applying CSS. For instance, you can set a CSS background-image on an element, but you can’t change the src attribute of an HTML img tag.

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