[trick] Naming your Media Queries in MT


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Here’s a trick I learned using MT regularly : Use VERY short names for your media queries (in the Edit Media queries panel) and then (on a normal screen), you will be able to open all tab at the same time per CSS property you need to edit.

If you use long and detailed names, the tabs display will end up in a mess that you will not be able to manipulate.

Here is a screenshot of my settings : http://www.dropbox.com/s/s98j2n984or077q/Capture%20d%27%C3%A9cran%202015-03-13%2010.15.33.jpg?dl=0

And the result when all the media queries tabs are active in the interface :



Hi, batsteek,

Good advice. I have about a half dozen queries I use and have condensed the names similar to what you’ve done.

I have been looking to see if it I can have the labels accept dashicons – for me having the visual desktop, tablet, phone icons make selections easier at a glance.


batsteek – thanks for sharing your solution, I think short labels are the way to go. But Abland – dashicons!? I wasn’t even aware of these (but shh, don’t tell anyone that). Did you have much luck with those? I will look into the general idea of adding graphical elements to the media query tabs if dashicons aren’t the way forward.


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