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Here are two suggestions:

1) Use the theme’s CSS selectors when entering styles. This would eliminate the drop-down area and need to create a selector name.

2) Anything that can be done to intuitively target the selector I want would be great. SiteOrigin’s CSS editor does a fairly good job of this. One thing it looks like it is doing is reversing the order of the selectors in the list so that the one I usually pick is closer to the top … making it easier to find and pick.



Hi David,

Thanks for your continued suggestions.

  1. We’re extending the import functionality to import selectors from a user-defined stylesheet. This feature is already under way and it won’t be too long before it’s ready.
  2. Unfortunately I encountered a fatal error (undefined function wp_styles()) when I tried to install SiteOrigin’s CSS plugin. But I’ll check back on it soon. We do have a number of improvements planned for the selector wizard. These will be prioritised when the new interface is finalised.

I’ll be sending out a preview of the new interface to Edge Mode newsletter subscribers in the next week hopefully. We’ve made quite a few changes, I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts David.


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