Ultimate Member plugin compatibility? [login page button gone after update]

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I am using the Ultimate Member plugin and after the recent Microthemer update the login button on my login page disappeared. Are these plugins compatible?


Hey, I’m not aware of any compatibility issues with Microthemer and Ultimate Member. Would you mind sending me login details for your site via this secure contact form and I will troubleshoot this for you.




Thanks for that, I actually encountered the login button before logging in, and then didn’t need to.

The button has vanished because you have created a general selector which you have named: Checkout Customer Info Add Bkg

The selector targets all inputs with this broad selector:


You have set a background color, but the opacity is set to 0. Which means there is essentially no background color. You could either increase the opacity via the color picker, or use a more specific selector for targeting only the Checkout Customer Info Add button.

Does that make sense?


By the way, I see that you have lots of selectors in the Pages folder. Microthemer will probably run a little faster if you split these selectors into different folders. You can drag selectors into different folders using the icon to the left of the selector name. The folders you drag into need to be open already.


Sorry for taking up your time for that – can’t believe I didn’t catch it! Thanks for the folder info – most of the selectors will be deleted, I was just trying it out. Thank you!!


No problem at all!

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