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I would like to allow some users to edit the css via microthemer but I don’t want to give them full admin capabilities.

I have a new user role “Art Director”, what capabilities does the role need to open and use Microthemer?



Hey Marcel,

Currently, users can only access Microthemer if they have administrator privileges. This will be configurable in a future update. But for now, you would need to give your Art Director admin privileges in order for them to work with Microthemer.



Hi – sorry to resurrect an old thread, but is there any change in this?

I need to use microthemer to help with the layout of an awkward dashboard (WC Vendors Pro), but Admins can’t be vendors and thus can’t see the dashboard. But in order to style it with Microthemer, I need to be logged in as Admin in order to do so… Bit of a Catch 22!


No need to apologise 🙂 It is I that should. This isn’t ready yet, and will not be until later in the year unfortunately, as I’m currently working on some higher priority features. And making MT user access configurable isn’t a quick feature I can squeeze through.

The only (clumsy) workaround I can suggest is copying the HTML of the dashboard section into another site running MT and then style the content from there, and then copy the generated CSS over. For copying HTML via Chrome:

  1. Right click the dashboard section
  2. Inspect > Elements tab
  3. Right-click the line of HTML for the dashboard container element
  4. Copy
  5. Copy outer HTML
  6. Paste into a Post/Page on new site as HTML block (if Gutenberg) or via the Text tab if using the classic editor

I hope that helps!


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