Using MT after deactivation by updating functions.php per instructions = wht scr

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Hi, newbie here, extra extra newbie. I read the article by Sebastian about adding the php code to the theme’s function.php file to have the changes stick when the plugin is deactivated. That was for version 2; we’re up to now. I’m using Safari and Firefox. I pasted the code provided as per the article near the top after the <?php, and got a white screen. So I removed the change. Should I have pasted it somewhere else? I also attempted to copy the ‘active-style.css’ contents and append them to the style.css of my own without success. Right now I’m only on wordpress and mamp; I’m not live yet. Could you enlighten or update me as to how I might best proceed from here? I appreciate your efforts. The plugin otherwise is doing its job.



It sounds like you pasted the code in the right place. But the code might be out of date. You can find the latest code in Microthemer. Open the Preferences page and then click the ‘Inactive’ tab. The code to copy to your functions.php file will be displayed there.

If you get the white page error again, perhaps you could email me your file and I will check it for errors.


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