Video tutorial [trying to find Microthemer tutorials]

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I searched for a good quick start tutorial on YouTube in the last 48 hours and finally came up with this one.

It’s yours and is on the landing page but I missed it.
Please add a ‘play’ graphic to the image on the front page too. I did not see the ‘watch video’ text. (too excited to see what this does:=(
Also place it at the top of the support and FAQ pages.

If there are any other vids, regardless of version number, please list them somewhere easily found. support, FAQ, forum.



Hi Mark,

The video you found above was only published on YouTube a little over 12 hours ago – well spotted. That’s the reason it hasn’t been listed on the site yet. Up until now, actually making the quick intro video was our top priority. We’re updating various things on the site today and we’ll do as you’ve suggested. Thanks for the play button suggestion on the main image.



ps sorry for previously assuming your name was spelt with a Q

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