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Hello everyone,

Microthemer displays an initial setup screen. This makes it easy to unlock the pro version, set some commonly adjusted preferences like global !important and Sass, or even import workspace preferences from another site. Finally, there are some checkboxes for enabling automatic reporting of JavaScript errors that occur when using Microthemer. And a button for manually sending an error report.

In the weeks following the release of this feature, automatic error reporting will only happen if you enable Edge mode via the preferences. That’s just so I can iron out any issues without them affecting too many people. But it means I do need a few volunteers to enable Edge mode, if you would be so kind! Automatic error reports will help me identify and fix bugs that I could never catch using my local testing methods alone, and make Microthemer as stable as possible for the whole community. In many cases, it will also help me fix issues without having to request temporary site access.

Personally, I don’t always enable error reporting when installing software, because I worry that it might affect the performance. So just to reassure you, MT places limits on the amount of reports it sends:

  1. Up to 1 report a day containing MT settings, if the option to include settings is ticked
  2. Up 10 small reports a day about JavaScript errors, including information about the source of an error within a JavaScript file.

Microthemer also sends contextual information like which browser you are using, to help me replicate errors. If desirable, I can add a feature where you can preview exactly what data Microthemer sends. Please let me know if that would be helpful, along with any other comments you may have.



P.S. the data sending preview feature has now been added, so you can see exactly what kind of information Microthemer will send depending on what checkboxes you select.

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