Where to post feature reuqests?

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Where can I post feature requests?

I am a very idea person and would like to submit any ideas I come across.

You have covered soo much though 🙂

Initally I do have one request.

I would like an option to generate Less.

This would allow me to extend the stylesheets more easily of my theme that are optional per page per post via a meta box.

Reference Link:


Reference Link: http://LessCss.org


Hi Noah,

Thank you for downloading and using Microthemer. We have a dedicated forum thread for all features, improvements and general suggestions: https://themeover.com/forum/topic/microthemer-3-0-what-did-we-get-right-what-should-we-improve/. Let us know about general experience of using the plugin and feel free to pass on your suggestions. We’ll add Less to the list of possible features on the development roadmap.

If you have any problems or questions please get in touch, we’ll do our best to help.


p.s. thanks for the ‘I love yo’ post 😉


Thanks Monika!

And you’re welcome!


PS support for LESS via the custom code editor is already on the development roadmap, along with SCSS and Javascript.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Noah. They are always welcome.



Javascript!!!! amazing!

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