Window IE not displaying Google Fonts [client's machine specifically]

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Client site … everything looks great on my end on Mac and on mobile devices, but on client’s Windows IE machine the Google fonts look very bitmapped. The fonts seem to be there but they don’t render correctly … is that a Microthemer issue or an issue with her machine?



I believe this is an issue on some windows machines unfortunately. It’s been a while since I encountered an issue like this myself. Does it happen with all Google fonts, and in all browsers?

This article may be of use to you:

Note however, the forum question is 4 years old and may not be applicable any more.

If you do want to try loading Google fonts manually in Microthemer, you can paste the manual @font-face code via the code view <>. You would also type the name of the Google font into Microthemer’s regular font-family GUI field, rather than the special Google Font field that appears when you choose ‘Google Font…’ from the font-family dropdown menu.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you require further assistance.



Thank you for the quick response … Unfortunately I was relying on the client to tell me what was happening and not only was she actually using Chrome – and not IE – but her site looked great in all other browser. We did a quick search to find a common issue with Chrome …. not with the site but with her browser.

BTW — Microthemer has been a game changer for me … the most-awesome web tool I have ever used. Bar none ….


Ah great, I’m glad you found the solution. And also really happy to hear that you’re enjoying Microthemer!

Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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