working with plugin "WordPress FAQ Manager" [how to target single FAQ page?]

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Still trying to make my very first selectors here, and I’m not sure how to distinguish between the titles of my static pages and my FAQ pages generated by the plugin. As I’m very new to WP, I find it quite confusing that both types of pages list the title element as:

article#post-(number) h1
[where (number) is the page/post number]

So my main home page title is
article#post-31 h1

and a random FAQ “title” somewhere down the line is
article#post-491 h1

They both seem to have the same targeting parameters, but I need to be able to distinguish them, since page titles want to be reasonably large, whereas FAQ “titles” need to be quite small, since the title is used for the Question, and the questions are frequently QUITE long (sometimes much longer than the answer, which is in a much smaller font).

I realize I could manually set each numbered static page title with a larger font, and set the default for the group to be the smaller “question” size title needed for the hundreds of FAQ, but I’ve built static pages for each Category, and there are at least twenty of them… so far. So it makes much more sense to me to try to deal with this globally by being able to distinguish between those things (would those be classes??? still trying to learn the appropriate terminology).



Yes I expect that you will find the (global) answer in classes. But in order to know for sure, and to advise you more specifically, I would need to look at your site. Would you mind posting a link to your site here or emailing it to me via this contact form?



Okay, so we have a problem here. Our site has been locked down with a password while I’m building it. In order for you to see it, I had to ask our programmer to unlock it. Right now he had given me temporary ability to add plugins and themes to mess around with things. He insists that if we make the site public (even though we’re not linking to it anywhere), there are a number of things he must do to “lock it down” because there are some security holes in WP. Especially if I’m going to show it off to a bunch of WP savvy programmers on a forum, I suppose.

So he’s made the site public, taken away my ability to add plugins and themes (which I don’t need right now, since I’ve got what I need for the moment). But whatever else he did to “lock down the site” makes Microthemer not work. It says that it doesn’t have permissions to do it’s thing. Which makes sense, I guess, but makes this whole process pretty much impossible.

Since I’m just the person designing and building the site, not really much of a programmer, I have no idea what he might have done, or what it is that he’s so worried about. Have you any suggestions as to how I can do all these things:
a) use Microthemer
b) let others (like you!) see the site so I can get help with it
c) not have “security holes”

I’ll see if I can get him to look in on this forum and weigh in as to what things he did to lock it down, and what things he’s worried about.

Thanks for your time and help with this.


Okay, so here is our site.

I’m looking to be able to distinguish the “page” pages from the “FAQ” pages, but I’m not sure it’s possible if the selector wizard can’t even tell them apart.

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