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Hello, for some reason when I log out, all the changes aren’t taking effect. I see borders and google fonts working in some areas, but not in others.

Here’s some changes I can see logged but not when logged out:

I don’t have any caching plugins and so I’m not sure what’s causing this. Can you help please? Thanks


Hi, Mike,

The h1 rule isn’t being targeted so it continues to apply. Where you have:
article#post-106 span#feelinggood
try adding the h1 into the rule:
article#post-106 h1 span#feelinggood

Place “Matters” in its own span with id and use the same process.


Hi there,

If you’re not using a caching plugin and only some things look different when logged in or not, this suggests that the HTML markup your theme generates is a bit different when logged in compared to when you are logged out. If so, Microthemer could be targeting page elements using IDs or classes that are not present on the page for non-logged in users.

Would you mind sending me login details for your site so that I can view things via the Microthemer interface and suggest an appropriate solution to the problem? You can send via my secure contact form:

Many thanks,

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