More toolbar layouts, more speed, more freedom

This image is showing a set of code that is used to style an introductory paragraph on a website, with different settings for different devices.

Microthemer 5.7 focuses on improving your editing experience in a number of ways. The new features will be particularly beneficial to experienced coders and those wishing to learn CSS through using Microthemer. And for developers that use two screens, this release is a potential game-changer. But there is certainly something for everyone in this update:

  • Faster editing due to performance enhancements in many different areas.
  • Three new toolbar layouts:
    1. Dock everything left.
    2. Dock editor only left.
    3. Detach site preview, for working on dual screens (great news for page builder users).
  • Smoother workflow when using a combination of the GUI style options and the custom code editor.

Watch the video

New toolbar layouts including support for dual screen editing (4 mins)

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