Faster WordPress CSS editing with Microthemer

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Significant speed boost

Microthemer is much faster now. You should all see a noticeable speed boost with the 5.5 release. And for those of you that maintain a large number of selectors, or don’t have the quickest computer / web hosting, the speed improvement will be dramatic.

Watch the demo

Faster WordPress CSS editing with Microthemer (3 mins)

No performance ceiling

Microthemer loads much less HTML now, putting less strain on your computer’s resources. This was particularly problematic for setups with over 1000 selectors. But now Microthemer remains fast with over 5000 selectors. There is no performance ceiling even for very large projects.

Instant style previews

Microthemer renders instant CSS previews purely in the browser, without having to connect to the server. Previously, this could incur a noticeable delay for anyone not using super fast hosting. Overall, Microthemer will feel much more like a native desktop application, as opposed to a traditional web app with page load delays.

Concise CSS output

Microthemer outputs more concise CSS now. If you set all four padding values to 10px for instance, Microthemer will output padding:10px rather than four longhand padding properties.

Still to come

The latest release is also exciting because a number of planned features have been waiting for this shift. These include:

  1. Two-way CSS editing between the GUI fields and the custom code editor (to the left of the Font group). So you can write CSS in the custom code editor and then adjust values via the GUI fields. Or vice versa – use the GUI fields to generate the CSS syntax you’re less familiar with, and then customise via the editor. 
  2. Sliders and increment buttons for properties that can take numeric values like padding or font-size.
  3. Multiple rows for CSS properties that accept comma separated values like background, text-shadow, animation, and transition.
  4. Support for additional CSS properties like transform, CSS grid, and image filters.
  5. Search / replace feature for finding selectors, properties and values in the main selectors menu.
  6. Support for variables, without requiring SCSS.
  7. Support for editing animation keyframes.
  8. Unsplash and TypeKit integration.
  9. And many more!

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