Slow ‘Styles’ Tab Warning

Heads up! this post was created when Microthemer was at version 5. The current version is 7. Some references to the interface may be out of date.

This warning is displayed if Microthemer’s Styles tab takes more than one second to update (on average). During this time, the browser may be unresponsive. Themes or plugins that load lots of CSS files are more likely to be affected. If you get this warning, you have three options:

  1. You can just click on the Computed tab. The Styles tab only slows the browser when it is active. As an alternative to using Microthemer’s Styles tab, Right-click > ‘Inspect’ elements in the site preview. Then look for the Styles tab in your browser’s native inspection tools.
  2. You can ignore it, and tolerate some slowness when targeting elements in Microthemer. But this only makes sense if you want to make use of the information on the Styles tab. There’s no reason to have it active when you’re not using it. So have the Computed tab active by default.
  3. Contact Themeover to see if anything can be done to speed up the Styles tab on your site. This won’t always be possible. But in some cases, it makes sense to tell Microthemer to ignore certain stylesheets. Such as those added for the purpose page builder GUI fields, which have no bearing on how the page content is styled.