404 Broken Links on "All Styling Options" page

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Hi Sebastian,

Sorry to bother you with this but can I request that you have a look at your “All Styling Options” page?

There appears to be broken links for (5) of the images showing parts of the Microthemer UI. Specifically, there are blank image placeholders for the following sections on this page:


You have obviously invested a tremendous amount of time to produce such excellent documentation that it seems a shame to have it just short of perfection due to missing elements on the page.

As soon as you can add these missing images, I’d like to print out this page as part of my learning everything there is to know about Microthemer. 🙂

Anyway, thanks and have a great day!



Ah yes, thanks for alerting me. I hadn’t realised that page was so out of date. The pictures are from a much earlier version of MT, as well as some being missing.

I’ve just updated the styling options page. We don’t have PSDs for the new properties, so I had to use screenshots, which required a page redesign for them to appear clear (screenshots don’t shrink gracefully).

I hope that helps!




Thanks Sebastian!

I devoted this past weekend to making real progress getting up my MT learning curve!…and, so far so good.

I know it’s kinda old fashion, but printing out and reading the Styling Options page away from computer is something I look forward to doing.

You ever thought about writing a book about CSS, MT and Oxygen?….you’ve got enough high-quality content on your website to give you a great start on such a project.

Ok, so maybe that’s one more for the “To-Do” heap.

Anyway, “Start with Oxygen Finish with Microthemer!”….I am lovin’ it!!!…and, if that was the title of a book, I would certainly buy it.

Thanks again and cheers!



I’m really glad you’re making progress and learning useful stuff. If you get through that whole CSS reference, and read some of the linked tutorials on the properties page (e.g. position), you will be a true CSS master before long.

A book might be a bit of a stretch, but I will be investing more time into creating a library of easily searchable short ‘how to’ videos in future.


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