A timeline on implementing Grid?

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That other Visual CSS Style Editor (YP) updated a few days ago with support for Grid properties. Will MT get this anytime soon?

Also, the highlight selector is great, but can it instead be a unique button on the toolbar, not aside the selector name on the drop-down? Many times I just want to see the element the selector is associated with, and it takes those extra clicks just to highlight the on page element. Might be asking too much, but I would love if that highlight persisted until a button was clicked again.



Yes, CSS grid is a top priority. At the end of this week I’m hoping to release a beta version of the feature I’ve been working on recently – interchangeable use of the code editor and the GUI fields. After that I will focus on adding support for several new properties, including CSS grid. I expect it to be ready in about 2 months.

And yes, I agree that it would be good to have the option of making the highlighting persist, this is actually already on my ToDo list. In the meantime, you may find the Ctrl + Alt + H keyboard shortcut handy for quickly highlighting the element the current selector targets.

I hope that helps. And thanks for your feedback.


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