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Just started getting into Microthemer today. Pretty handy when trying to nail down crazy selectors!

1. Is it possible to activate from the front-end? Or, is the dashboard link the only way to launch it?

2. When I’m editing on the front-end and I’m done, is there a way to hide/deactivate the Microtheme interface? I found the return to dashboard link, but was hoping there was another way to quickly hide it.

3. A question probably more related to workflow. When I’m done making my selection and edit via the wizard, what’s the best way to start a new selection/edit wizard? I usually want my next edits to go into a different folder. Do I just double-click on an element to start up a new wizard?



Hi there,

  1. I’ve actually just added a link to Microthemer in the WP admin top toolbar. This will be included in the next release in a day or two.
  2. This is also in the works. The MT icon in the top left will act as an expand/collapse everything button.
  3. Yes I would recommend just double-clicking something else to start the wizard a fresh. Microthemer preselects the folder you’re currently in, but you can change the folder using the dropdown arrow or type a new folder name into the field (all dropdown menus in Microthemer are directly editing like text fields)

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Terrific. Thanks Sebastian!


Hello @berryc

Just wanted to let you know that you can now activate Microthemer from the front-end. All you have to do is change Microthemer preferences (the wheel icon in the left hand menu bar) and Microthemer will appear in the WP admin bar.

Hope that helps,



That’s awesome. I see that. Thanks!

Any chance to take it one step further and allow us to exit out of Microthemer into the front-end page/post we’re editing?

I see that I can drop back into the dashboard, but it’d be nice to be able to see the finished product of what we were just editing.


We’re in the process of adding a few more features, including minimising Microthemer’s interface and entering full screen mode. This would allow users to see more of their website. Here’s a link to the proposed changes.

Please, let me know if that would be a sufficient solution.



Terrific – yep, that minimize toolbar button is perfect.

Upcoming changes look great!


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