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I have an icon ( paw print for a Vet Site ) – where I wanted “swing” animation.

What would suggest I do to increase the wave ( or “exaggerate” the wave ) – a bit more? It would be great to be able to control that in the UI.


Pity I cannot edit this … I would have renamed the title.

I added a class to the element and then copied / pasted from MT into E and the wave was quite different – a “see-saw” effect. But it became clear to me that the css selectors were quite different between MT vs class name for E element – hence my initial confusion …

This has been solved – but I would like fine tune controls – I guess I need to play with css provided from MT when I paste into E.

But – being able to fine tune in MT would be great …

ps. Being able to edit 1st post would be helpful – no biggie though …



Thanks for letting me know you couldn’t edit your original post. I’ll look into that tomorrow.

I hear what you’re saying about fine tuning animations. MT will provide a GUI for editing animation keyframes in future. For now, if you have some CSS knowledge you could copy and paste the swing animation from the top of active-styles.css into MT’s full code editor (View > code editor).

Name the animation mySwing and then set mySwing in MT’s animation field. You can then play around with the rotate3d() values to make the swing more pronounced. It might involve a bit of trial and error, but will be give you good experience of key frames in lieu of MT’s GUI support for keyframes.



Thanks Sebastian – flipping between code editor and animation ( which I am forced to do, since making changes in code editor does not “show” the animation and then back to “my animation” ) – is somewhat tedious.

I’ll continue to test – but hopefully, we will have more granular control over the animations …


Ah yes, I see what you mean. There is no way to trigger the animation from the code view. Better UI controls for managing keyframes will come. It’s a feature I’m looking forward to working on. But right now, I’m sorry to hear it’s bit tedious. I hope you’re using the Ctrl+Alt+C keyboard shortcut to switch between the editor and GUI view. Still tedious, but less so than using the view menu.



Thanks for all your help – still looking at this.

Happy xmas.

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