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Hi Sebastian,

For a few days now, I’m playing with your latest beta version, the speed is unbelievable… that said, there was an instance that an animation setting was working in Micrometer, but not on the front. This setting was working for a few hours before… deleting the Selector and re-creating it did not fix the issue. The only thing that fixed it was to roll back with the “restore revision” feature. That said, it is a beta and you already warned us about bugs, well, this is one more, in case you did not know.

Ok, now for the real issues at hand here. Do you have any thoughts to:

1. Add support to style things in the backsite – Gutenberg and TinyMCE included?
2. Add support for the CSS “sticky” command. This can be tricky as for this to work the selector or the selector’s parent cannot have a hidden value for overflow.



Hey Nick,

Thanks for reporting the issue with animation not working properly on the frontend. I wasn’t able to replicate that on my initial experimentation, but I will dig a bit deeper.

I will include sticky in the next beta update. And I’ve linked to a forum thread discussing the potential pitfalls on the in-program docs too. This actually came up a few days ago:

As for styling the WP admin area, I’m open to adding support for this in future. The question does get asked from time to time. What’s your main reason for wanting this?

It may not have been what you were asking, but I would like to add tighter integration with Gutenburg. A bit like the deep integration I added for Elementor and Beaver Builder. I’m not sure if will be possible right now, as Gutenburg works a bit differently to a full frontend builder. But we’ll see.



BTW I’ve just released an update to the beta which fixes some other things I found. And includes sticky.

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