Anyone Using Microthemer with WP Toolset?


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Hi Folks,

Wondering if anyone is currently using Microthemer with WP Toolset? If so, have you run into any difficulties? Have any hints on ways to make the two work optimally together, etc.?

I’m playing around with Microthemer on a WP Toolset site I’ve built now…still trying to figure things out!



The toolset is really heavy on the server, it really slows things down. The 2 products work very well last time I checked, 2 months ago. Even though Microthemer is lite, I never use it on a production site. I use Microthemer to help me create the CSS rules, and copy the created CSS code and append it in my Themes style.css file. Since I create my own themes, I am not worried about updates overwriting the code. In your case, you should use a child theme, or the CSS tab in the theme customizer.


@nick, great to hear from you. Thanks for pitching in.

– is there anything in particular you’re struggling with? I’d be happy to have at look at how Microthemer behaves on your Toolset install if you can to provide me with access via our secure contact form?


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