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Ayyy again,

would you please take in mind to add support to the variables from Automatic.css ( I use this in every project from now on.

Of course, I can’t assume you have this plugin. There might be a workaround, to manual include external css, so MC knows them?
Or, if it would help, I can ask Kevin Geary to give you a copy so you can take a look into it?

Anyhow, getting this on track would be a killer.

Thank you! Roman


Hey Roman,

There is already a feature in Microthemer for sampling CSS variables applied to the current page you are styling with MT. The styling options video touches on that here. I forgot to mention it in the video, but if you use the refresh icon to the right of the “Site variables” heading, the list should update with all of the variables from Automatic. If it doesn’t, would you be able to provide access to a test site with Automatic.css and MT installed so I can troubleshoot? Or, ask Kevin to send over a copy of Automatic.css as you say?


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