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Can’t seem to see any changes when I change out a background image in certain viewports. In fact, I can’t change the image whatsoever in any view. Chrome latest build on Mac High Sierra latest build.

I select the image, go to background image (which is annoyingly ALWAYS blank even though there is an image there when you click on the actual CSS element), click on the green ‘cloud upload’ icon, select a different image. IT shows in the field, in bold, but nothing changes. NOwhere.

Thanks. And for what it’s worth, if support is limited to this forum, I’m not sticking around. No sorting, no dates, and you have to click before you see that a support item is from an old version of MT. Google search is being deprecated, I sure hope you will consider better usability, categorization and for gods sake dates and other sorting tools for searches. 🙁



Thanks for providing feedback on your experience of searching the forum. I’m sorry it was frustrating. I’ve pinned your comments to a task I’ve created to review/implement possible improvements to the search facility. I will try to complete it this week.

I wasn’t able to replicate your background-image error on my testing server. It might be due to a theme or plugin conflict. Would you mind sending me access details for your site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot the issue?

If you would prefer not to send access, perhaps you could try the following instead:

  1. Go to the Microthemer interface
  2. Right-click the site preview and choose Inspect
  3. Go to the Console tab of the dev toolbar that should pop up.
  4. Look for any red errors that display after refreshing the Microthemer interface, or when you try to add a background image in Microthemer.
  5. Please copy and paste any errors that appear into this forum thread. Or send the errors privately via our contact form.

Thanks, and apologies again for the inconvenience.

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