background-position: [set pixel positions and size in pixels]

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Hi is there an option to use px in background-position: say “background-position: 50px 100px;”
I would like to use sprite sheets.
also background-size would be great.
If you already have please point it out as I cant find it.
and please add it if its not there using sprite sheet would really help 🙂


Hi Ive just seen how to do it 🙂 by adding numbers.
Is there an option for background-size



I’m glad you managed to figure out the background-position issue. And yes, you can set the background-size using the background-size property which is 3 fields to the right of the background-position property. If you hover over the property field icons, a tooltip will show you what each refers to.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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