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Hi, Sebastian.

Noticed on two of my websites where I have the BB 2.0 v4 (beta) that everytime I run MT, it will open with BB active. The build in switch won’t do anything. Have to press DONE in BB in order to get out of the developing/building mode.

Am I doing something wrong or it has something to do with the new version of BB ? Can’t remember having this before the update to v4.

Thx in advance.



Thanks for reporting this. I’ll look into a fix today!

Just to confirm, does MT load BB if you refresh the MT interface, even after you have used BB’s ‘Done’ button to exit?



By the way, it’s intentional that Microthemer remembers to auto-load Beaver Builder if you last exited Microthemer without first exiting Beaver Builder. MT always tries to load the last viewed page.

However, there is an issue with MT’s off toggle with the alpha version if BB. I will roll out a fix for this shortly. Because BB’s exit options are no longer displayed in a prominent lightbox, and instead just display extra buttons in the top bar, I’ve opted for MT to choose the ‘Save draft’ option by default. That will save settings but without publishing, which seems like the safest option. Otherwise MT’s off toggle has no advantages over clicking BB’s ‘Done’ button. And if users want to exit and discard, or exit and publish, they can use BB’s ‘Done’ button.

My reasoning may be off here, and that’s partly why I’m sharing it with you. So please do tell me if you think the implementation I describe isn’t right. That goes for anyone else reading this 🙂



Hi Sebastian. Thank you for the fast replies.

To the first “paragraph” of yours : I’m pretty sure they in most cases I’m exiting MT with BB being off (but you seeded a bit of doubts with the “remembering feature”) 🙂

Regards save draft vs publish. I’m afraid I can’t tell you what would be better, since most of the time when I’m using MT, BB is off. But if I remember correctly…if you do save draft (several times) and once push DISCARD CHANGES (without publish before) … you’ll loose all the changes & there is no coming back. But with publish…you can still enroll back to previous “state” through revisions. So this might be something for you to consider 🙂


Thanks for the tip! I see they’ve got a warning about draft saving in the BB docs:

I’ll mull this over a little longer…


I followed your suggestion and went with the publish option in the end.

Also, I discovered that there was an issue with MT not remembering exiting BB on the alpha, because the alpha doesn’t refresh the page on exiting BB. So MT had to detect the exit differently. I’ve just released version of Microthemer which should address all issues.



Cool … thx

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