Best way to do Page-specific edits to Elementor Template?

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I’m wondering if there is a least issue prone way to make Microthemer Page-specific changes to a specific Elementor Template. Editing a template uses a different page-id/slug then when it the template is implemented. Editing the page a template is on with Microthemer only makes changes to that use of the template, and not future implementations.

Any good way out of this chicken/egg problem?


This is a good question. Ideally Elementor would add a common class to the outermost container element when applying a template e.g.


And you would then prefix your MT selectors with that class e.g.

.elementor-template-id-150 h2

But from what I can tell from inspecting the HTML code Elementor generates when applying a template on different pages, there is currently no such common class. And as you mention, templates used on different pages will have different page-ids so MT’s feature for auto-prefixing selectors with the page-id on the body tag doesn’t help.

Therefore, the best workaround I can suggest for now is to add custom classes or ids to Elementor sections within the template. You can add custom classes to a section by clicking the 6-dot Edit section icon and going to the Advanced options on the side panel. These custom classes will carry over to other instances of the template.

The only option in MT for tapping into your custom classes right now is fairly manual. You would need to manually edit MT’s CSS on the Targeting suggestions pane (available with ‘show advanced’ enabled in Targeting mode). So for instance you would change this:



.my-custom-section-class h2

In the not too distant I will add an additional field to the CSS modifiers menu where you can enter a custom class that MT will prefix all suggestions with. But right now I’m working on some UI speed optimisations, so it will have to follow that.

Does the above workaround seem doable? Or a bit too much bother?



I am not crazy! Thanks for validating that first.

Next, I appreciate the work around and it will work. There are not too many templates like this I need to deal with on a site by site basis, but when I need it, I really need it so this is fine for now.


p.s. performance before feature any day of the week!


OK, great!

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