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EDIT: I created custom folders for each page with selectors linked to the H3(s) they wanted to modify. I imagined this as a long process, but MT actually made it sooooooo easy LOL. So, solved. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a very bad frankestein site. Basically, my client handed over this wp site to 5-6 people, all with different backgrounds.

The old programmer decided to create a enfold child theme removing the footer from all pages. I guess he also removed the footer option from the php theme file, since it’s nowhere to be found. And he decided to apply the footer block to each page on the site.

This is the biggest time-waster ever invented by humanity, if you ask me. But I’m now going to assign a class to each element in the footer(s), so I can then edit them easily with microthemer.

That being said, he also created countless rules to style H3 and H2 (why????? you can do that with WP editor!), using !important on most of the rules.

So, now the client wants 50% of the H3 on the site to be justified – not centered. But the H3 has the center rule. I already removed that, but he also styled the single H3(s) with custom classes and ID, to underline them, make them bold, ecc. All while re-writing the text-align:center; property.

So… do I have to manually remove all lines of code, go inside each and every page and change the H3s they want to change?

Or should I delete the old lines of code, create new classes inside microthemer, and handle the 50% they want to change with a secondary class?


PS: I plan on dropping this client very, very soon. This should just be a quick short-term solution. They are extremely unprofessional, rude, and they pay way too little to make me be their therapist.



Sorry to hear about your client woes, I’ve been there. But very glad to hear you were able to solve this and MT’s folders proved useful!

All the best,

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