Can I edit a template with Microthemer?

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I’m a CSS neophyte, starting and learning this stuff as I go. Microthemer is awesome and has really helped me make my site more palatable.
One question I have… In my site theme, the default template has way too much padding. So what I’ve been doing is going to every page and adjusting the page headers, fixing it to a standard setting for padding.
But every time I add a new page, I have to do this again and again.
What I was thinking was if I could somehow open the default template (I think it’s something like page w/o sidebars) I could put the padding setting there, that way every page changed via microthemer.
I’d change it in the page outright, but I think if I do that and they update my theme, it will overwrite my changes… right?
So… can I use microthemer to edit the theme template? or do I have to edit each page individually?



You shouldn’t need to edit your theme files, or apply the padding on a per-page basis. It should be possible to override the padding on your site globally by choosing a broader selector than the first one MT suggests. It sounds like MT is picking up page-specific classes by default when you target the header.

Would you mind posting a link to your site or sending it privately via our contact form so I can advise you more specifically?



correct, I’m setting it on every page. Setting it more generally would be WONDERFUL. is our page.


Thanks for the link, I can see that Microthemer is picking up article ids. To adjust the header spacing on your whole site with just one selector, please do the following.

  1. Disable all selectors that set the header padding on each page, apart from one. You can do this via the selectors menu at the top left. Click the disable icon that appears on the right when you hover over a selector.
  2. Edit the one selector you didn’t disable using the edit icon (next to the disable icon)
  3. The selector code field will look something like the following (with a different number): article#post-954
  4. Remove the first part, resulting in just:
  5. You should now find that the selectors changes the padding for all headers on all pages on your site.
  6. If so, you can go ahead and delete the selectors you disabled (unless that include deliberate page-specific styles other than the padding you set)

Creating selectors

The new version 5 might not suggest selectors that include the article id by default. But if it does:

When creating selectors, if you expand the advanced options there are alternative selectors to choose from on the Targeting suggestions pane. The number of elements a suggested selector targets is shown to the right of the input fields. When Microthemer finds equivalent ways to target the same elements (on the current page, not necessarily for the whole site), it makes them available in a dropdown menu. You may find alternative suggestions that omit the article id here if the default selector suggestion includes it.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you require further assistance.


That worked!!!

So, let me just say… right off the bat.
Microthemer is a GREAT product… but I can now also say… the BEST support. I completely felt like a neophyte and silly for asking my question but it got so frustrating….
Your explanation was 100% accurate, easy to implement, and 100% solved my problem….

I’ve used other plugins that weeks (months?) later I’m still working with support on because it’s buggy or they can’t offer hardly any support.

I’m very much appreciate the time you took to help me!


You are most welcome. Thanks so much for sharing your positive thoughts. I’m always happy to help. So please let me know if you need assistance with anything else.

Warm regards,

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