Can not update through WordPress

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Hi, i can not update through WordPress. I got the message:
“Runterladen der Aktualisierung von…
Beim Aktualisieren von Microthemer trat ein Fehler auf: Download fehlgeschlagen. Konnte Anfrage nicht in die temporäre Datei schreiben.”
i try to translate –
download the update from…
by refreshing microthemer an error appeared – couldn´t write in temporary data file.

This only happens with microthemer
What can i do to make it happen?
The version i use is 3.4.7


Hi Amos,

Would you be comfortable updating Microthemer via FTP following the method outlined at the bottom of this article? You can download the latest version here:

That might solve the issue. If that method isn’t possible, please delete the current version and then reinstall this version ( Your Microthemer settings will not be lost if you delete the plugin.

Please let me know how you get on.



Hi Sebastian,

thx for the hints.
I made it via ftp – works!



Excellent. Thanks for updating me.

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