Cannot Horizontally Center "Raw HTML" Element

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I am trying to center 4 “Raw HTML” elements (as WPBakery likes to call them) horizontally on the mobile page. Attached is a screenshot. I’ve tried every type of centering and inline-block method I could think of. Nothing seems to work.

Here is the HTML code:

<a href="/filmography">
    <img src="" 
    border="0" alt=""/></a>

Things I can try to get this element centered up?



If you can post a link to the page I can give you more precise advice.

If you’re using flex, you should set display: flex on the direct parent of the element you want to center. And then use the justify-items property. So rather than setting flex on the button, set it on the container for the button.

You may also want to make sure the flex-direction is row if you are using justify-items – I see it’s currently set to column. The direction changes the effect of justify-items vs align-items. Our flexbox tutorial explains all this stuff:

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you’re still stuck.



Thanks for your help! I’ll try that!

Here is the page:

It is the mobile version of it.

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