Can't export/import design pack

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I’m wanting to export from production site to development site but, on export, no zip is created – just a folder in the micro-themes folder with a config.json, meta.txt and an empty readme.txt.

Also, the pack management icons to import, download, and delete do not work at all, but the edit icon does click through to the pack editor.

I’ve looked through the docs and posts here but couldn’t find a solution so any help would be gratefully received, thank you.


PS … am using Firefox Browser Developer 80.0b8 (64-bit), MT Version, and WP 5.5


Hey Olly,

I’m so sorry for the slow reply, I wasn’t getting most forum notifications since switching laptop, so am catching up on everything now.

I found a bug with the export options myself actually, and have since released a fix. Does it fix things for you too after updating to the latest version?

Apologies again for the delay.


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