Can't install Microthemer on my mac [RESOLVED]

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When I download the file (full version, not lite) it automatically unzips it and then I can’t selected it thru the normal process within the WP dashboard. Can’t do the recommended fix of downloading the Lite version because I don’t think I used Paypal to buy it so I can’t upgrade via PP. Once I downloaded MT, where was I supposed to put it? In the content/themes folder of the site I am using it on? Help please… Thanks.


FYI I answered my own question. I rezipped the file on my desk top and then was able to select and install it. Microthemer popped it into the plug ins folder.


Ah I’m glad you managed to sort this. Yes I would have advised rezipping the file or installing via the WordPress plugin repository search in your dashbaord.

If you get stuck with anything else just shout.

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