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I’m sorry – I posted this also as a direct support question. Anyway:
Hi there, I updated the plugin but have to say I miss the ‘old’ targeting function. It was so handy, at the right you could go up and down the targeting parent items etc. It takes me very long to find the right target now :(( so I would rather stick with the old interface.
Anyway; I have a problem: at the website in the footer you’ll find 4 logo’s at the right. In Mobile/tablet view I would like these logo’s to be centered. But i cannot find HOW to do that, as I can’t target the right ‘thing/ that I could set to center. Can you look into this? And is there a way to ‘downgrade’ to the (to me more user friendly) old interface?



In this particular case with the logos, you are probably targeting the correct element – the images. If you set margin-left/right to auto and display (see Behaviour group) to block your images should center align.

However, I hear what you’re saying. Our feedback survey revealed that:

a) Many people missed the utility of the breadcrumbs and HTML pane in the advanced targeting view, which provide the same functionality as the up/down arrows for moving up to parent elements. And that those that made use of the arrows, don’t necessarily want to work with the advanced view open all the time.

b) They miss familiar layout of having things on the right.

So to respond, I’ve just released an update (5.0.2) which includes the HTML navigation arrows in the basic targeting view. So you can easily move up to parent elements. There are now 3 ways to switch targeting:

Microthemer dom navigation

  1. Using the HTML nav arrows
  2. Clicking on any line of HTML
  3. Clicking on the breadcrumbs (left to go to a parent, right to go to the direct child)

And as you read this, I’m working on a ‘Dock to right’ option for the selector wizard, using the same layout as before. This was always planned in fact. But recent feedback has made us aware that it should be a top priority. So thanks for sharing your point of view. Negative feedback makes Microthemer better. And we will always listen to feedback of any kind.


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